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Sheila's Wheels Home Insurance Review

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Everything you need to know before you buy home insurance from Sheila's Wheels!

The experts say:


Sheila's Wheels recently released their Home Insurance, and it sure looks like a great deal! With up to £2000 of coverage for theft from outbuildings and £450 for escape of water claims, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe. But the best part has to be the coverage for garden plants – you don't have to worry about those pesky weeds getting in the way of your summer garden plans. While this product only has a 2-star rating from Fairer Finance, it's not recommended by Which? – so make sure you do your research before signing on the dotted line.

What Sheila's Wheels customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • 🤩 Easy to arrange home insurance cover
  • 😃 Competitive prices
  • 😊 Welcome email informing NCB updated on database
  • 😎 Staff helpful and patient
  • 👍 Paper copies offered

The Bad

  • 😡Extremely difficult to contact and no clear contact lines
  • 😬Website doesn’t work properly and call centres are in South Africa
  • 😤Unable to explain why such an increase in renewal quote & poor customer service
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Sheila's Wheels customer reviews summary

Sheila's Wheels home insurance offers a fair and competitive price for its level of coverage, however, its customer service leaves much to be desired. Trying to contact them can often be difficult, with long wait times and unhelpful responses. Their auto-renewal policies are also inflexible, making it hard to cancel or change your policy. In addition, they have been unable to explain large increases in renewal quotes compared to the previous year. With all things considered, Sheila's Wheels home insurance scores a 3/10.

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