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Churchill Home Insurance Review

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Everything you need to know before you buy home insurance from Churchill!

The experts say:


If you're looking for a home insurance policy that's as reliable as a guard dog, Churchill's Plus Policy might be worth considering. It offers theft protection up to £5000 and an excess on escape of water claims up to £450, so you can rest assured your home is safe from unwanted visitors. And with cover for garden plants included, you won't have to worry about your beloved blooms if the weather takes an unexpected turn. Fairer Finance has given it a 2-star rating, although it won't make their Recommended Provider list, and Which? gave it an overall policy and customer score of 65%. Weighing in at 9th in their ranking out of 14 policies, it's a decent mid-range option.

What Churchill customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • :thumbsup: Positive customer service experience.
  • :smiley: Good resolution to complaints.
  • :sunglasses: Quick resolution to claims.
  • :grin: Fast renewal process.
  • :clap: Courteous rental car services.

The Bad

  • ☹️Terrible customer service, with long wait times and unresolved complaints.
  • 😡Unfair cancellation fees and refunds.
  • 😤Poor handling of claims and misleading information.
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Churchill customer reviews summary

Churchill home insurance has had a tumultuous past, with customers reporting poor customer service and long wait times for claims to be resolved. However, the company appears to have turned a corner with recent improvements in their customer service; many customers are now reporting that their complaints were heard and resolved quickly. Churchill home insurance still has a way to go to win over the trust of its customers, but the journey seems to be headed in the right direction. Score: 6/10

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