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AXA Home Insurance Review

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Everything you need to know before you buy home insurance from AXA!

The experts say:


AXA's Premier Home Insurance is a comprehensive and reliable policy that provides excellent protection against theft from outbuildings and escape of water claims up to the full sum insured. It also offers cover for garden plants, making it a great choice for those who want their outdoor spaces to stay beautiful. With a 4-Star Fairer Finance Star Rating, this policy won't disappoint when it comes to value for money. Although it didn't make the cut as one of Which? Recommended Providers, it still scored an impressive 66% in the Overall Policy and Customer Score, ranking 7th out of 14 policies – not bad! All in all, AXA's Premier Home Insurance is sure to provide peace of mind.

What AXA customers are saying right now:

The Good

  • 😊 AXA's people have been helpful and friendly.
  • 😊 AXA's joining and paying process is easy to understand.
  • 😊 AXA has satisfied a new customer at the start of their policy.
  • 😃 AXA's policy is very affordable.
  • 🙂 AXA have provided an apology and countdown to answer when experiencing a high call volume.

The Bad

  • 😡Appalling customer service, long waiting times and poor response times.
  • 😤Cost-cutting leading to unreliable telephone system and bad experiences.
  • 😩Insurance claims taking too long to process and payments not being made in a timely manner.
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AXA customer reviews summary

AXA Home Insurance has been met with mixed reviews, with many customers citing long wait times and a lack of response from customer service as notable frustrations. Many people have had to wait weeks for payment or to receive documents from the company. On the flip side, some customers have remarked positively on their initial experience, praising the friendly staff and easy sign-up process. Overall, AXA Home Insurance may not be the most reliable provider but could prove suitable for those who can tolerate some of the more common issues. Score: 6/10

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